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ABOUT adagudang

An Apps and Web-based Marketplace that brings tenants together with warehouse owners online and makes it easy for tenants to connect with warehouse operators, track inventory data, and monitor warehouse operational activities anywhere, from anywhere, at any time .

Our warehouse or room rental system uses the Pay Per Use system, where Users only pay based on area (per meter cubic) for rent, whether daily, weekly or monthly rent. So that the user does not need to rent the entire warehouse or space which will certainly be more expensive. With this rental system, certainly not only large companies and importers can rent a warehouse. But Online Shop Owners, UMKMs, and private individuals can also rent warehouses or spaces at affordable prices .

How adagudang Works ?


Search warehouse based on the location you want and book space as needed.


Schedule delivery of goods after the warehouse approves the rental request.

Inventory And Security

The goods are guaranteed safety and you can see the stock of goods in the warehouse at the moment.

AdaGudang Platform

Apps and Web-based marketplace and warehouse management system (WMS) platforms that make it easy for users to connect with warehouse operators, track inventory data, and monitor warehouse operations where only, from anywhere, anytime.

Why Work With Us ?


According to the needs

Book Space as needed with the best warehouse quality and affordable prices.

Inventory Management

Easier monitoring of stock and distribution of goods.

Apps and web based

Users can access the warehouse either through a computer or smartphone.


Warehouse Owner

Warehouse Management

Users can oversee and manage the warehouse through a computer or smartphone anywhere, from anywhere, at any time.

Passive Income

All kinds of space can be rented, whether it's a house, garage, vacant land, or a warehouse.


Users can create their own promotional events such as cashback or discounts.

Interested in us ?

We are looking for partners who can work with us. We will gladly welcome all of you. Descriptions and pitches of our products can also be downloaded below.

Our Collaborator

We have a warehouse in the city of Bekasi which is the result of cooperation with Jababeka as the owner of the warehouse complex in Bekasi.