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The existing ADAGUDANG Application Terms and Conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of ADAGUDANG APP.

Information Collection and Use

By accessing this ADAGUDANG APP, we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use ADAGUDANG APP if you do not agree to take all the terms and conditions listed in these terms and conditions.

The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notification and all Agreements: Users ("Users") which include but are not limited to Tenants who make reservations for place rentals ("Tenants") and Owners who want to rent out the place ("Owner") through the ADAGUDANG application ("Application") to submit to and comply with matters that have been determined by PT. Gudang Investindo ("ADAGUDANG"). By accessing, logging in and / or using the platform, the User is deemed to have accepted, understood, agreed to, and agreed to comply with all Application Terms & Conditions as stated below. Terms & Conditions Applications can be changed and / or updated at any time by ADAGUDANG without prior notice.

General Conditions

The ADAGUDANG application is a special application intended for Tenants and Owners in making transactions and to facilitate booking of places and Payments for rented places ("Payments"), sending supervision and reviewing data for services provided by ADAGUDANG. Access to the application is only open to users who are registered and use the ADAGUDANG application. All of these Terms and Conditions of Service include a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities of the User and binding as a separate Agreement between the User and ADAGUDANG.


o Users are required to complete the administration data requested on the application's start page before starting to use Application Services.

o The administration data referred to includes but is not limited to Cellphone Numbers, Names, E-Mail Addresses, KTPs, Personal Data, and Delivery / Retrieval Addresses.


o The owner is obliged to provide complete and clear Place information in accordance with the conditions and quality of the Place Rental that is entered into the ADAGUDANG application as a basis for the Rental offered.

o The owner agrees that shipping costs and product insurance are not included in the total price given to the lessee after the Tenant agrees to order the Goods.

o The owner can provide additional costs to the Tenant for packing the goods and insurance for the items to be shipped.

o The owner hereby warrants that the conditions of the place offered to the Tenant are in accordance with the details in the application in accordance with applicable regulations. If there is falsehood on the condition of the place, then ADAGUDANG has the right to close the owner's account and impose sanctions in accordance with existing regulations.


o Tenants can book the desired place through the ADAGUDANG application by selecting the place you want to rent, details of the items to be sent, or details of the length of rental and the size of the place to be rented in the Application. Goods sold at ADAGUDANG are halal goods and in accordance with government regulations to be traded.

o The lessee agrees that the total price in the rental of the place does not include the cost of shipping the Goods and insurance.

o The lessee understands and agrees that the condition of the Goods and their delivery are not the responsibility of ADAGUDANG.

o ADAGUDANG is not responsible for the quality of the goods during storage, shipping process, or any disputes that can occur between the Tenant and the Owner due to incompatibility of the Conditions of the Goods sent and the Conditions of the Place which are not in accordance with the Application by the Owner and have been received / leased by the Tenant .

o After the Tenant confirms (manually / automatically) the Payment that has been received, the ADAGUDANG application will issue an Invoice for the Tenant in accordance with the payment received.

Shipping and Receiving

o The tenant hereby agrees and guarantees that the address entered correctly is the address of the location of the goods and other addresses intended as a place for sending and receiving. ADAGUDANG is not responsible for any shipping errors that occur due to incorrect entry of shipping address by the Tenant.

o Delivery of goods will be carried out through shipping services that have been determined by the owner and / or expedition services that have worked with the owner and ADAGUDANG. Every provision regarding the delivery process includes but is not limited to the wrapping of the Goods and the estimated shipping day of the Goods is the full authority of the Owner and the shipping service.

o The owner must make deliveries in accordance with the time that has been predicted or written in the period of delivery in the Application. If the Owner is late in sending the Goods for a reasonable reason, then the Owner is responsible for making notice as soon as possible or with all efforts to compensate the Tenant for the delay of the Goods, and vice versa.

o The shipping costs for the Goods are costs that must be paid by the Tenant at the time of ordering the Goods and are not calculated in the total price paid by the Tenant when agreeing to order the Goods.

o Tenants are required to confirm after receiving ordered goods. In the event that a confirmation or claim for receipt of Goods is not carried out for 2x24 hours, the lessee is automatically deemed to have confirmed automatically. Tenants understand and agree that any claims made after manual or automatic confirmation are not the responsibility of ADAGUDANG. Losses arising after confirmation are the responsibility of the Tenant.

Payment / Deposit Methods

o Tenants are required to transact via the Payment method provided in the Application.

o Payment methods at ADAGUDANG can be done through BCA Bank Account, at the account number: 6750668877 a / n PT. ADA GUDANG INVESTINDO.

o ADAGUDANG does not have access to personal information on the Tenant's account or credit card. Each Payment with the Tenant's Credit Card will receive an OTP code sent from the issuing Bank through the registered number, so that the tenant's confidentiality and security are maintained.

o ADAGUDANG reminds Tenants not to give OTP codes to anyone to prevent unwanted things. In the event of data leakage due to the negligence of the Tenant, ADAGUDANG will not be responsible for any loss suffered by the Tenant.

o Any obstacle to the Item transaction will be resolved via the chat help menu available in the application.

o ADAGUDANG will not ask the Tenant to notify or submit proof of Payment and / or data of the Goods, except when conducting a confirmation of return related to the Goods.

o If the rental period is more than 1 month (30 days), then payment (from AdaGudang to the Warehouse Owner) will be done in stages every month at the end of the month until the rental period ends .


o ADAGUDANG will assist Tenants in submitting Tenants' complaints to the Owner via chat available on the Application.

o Claims can only be made if:

      o The item received was damaged at the time of delivery;

      o The goods sent have expired; and / or

      o Goods are not fully shipped by the Owner.

      o The owner will be responsible for making the decision to return whether the funds or goods are the same to the Tenant.

      o The lessee will be asked to provide proof of the Goods and / or Goods data so that ADAGUDANG can help to return (funds / goods) to the Tenant, after obtaining confirmation from the Owner in advance.

Access & Security

o The price contained in the ADAGUDANG Application is the price set by the Owner, where the price is per meter per day.

o The type of place offered by the owner through the ADAGUDANG application is in accordance with the facilities contained in every detail of the place.

o The user hereby understands and agrees that any problems and / or disputes that occur due to disagreement between the Owner and Tenant regarding price are not the responsibility of ADAGUDANG.

Prices and Types of Items

o Statement of use / access: The user agrees and guarantees that any data entered for registration in the ADAGUDANG Application is correct in accordance with the identity card.

o The User hereby agrees to comply with the provisions of ADAGUDANG which states that ADAGUDANG is authorized to close or block User accounts temporarily or permanently in the event of fraud in transactions and / or violations of regulations by the User.

o The user further agrees and acknowledges that the User will be fully responsible for all actions caused by any misuse of the use of the ADAGUDANG application by using the User Username and Password, including but not limited to criminal acts and damages.

o Users who have lost, cannot access, and / or feel that their account has been used illegally by another party can contact ADAGUDANG via the help chat menu to restore the account. ADAGUDANG is not responsible for transactions that have occurred before the reporting is done.

o Users are encouraged not to provide password information to others.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

The user agrees that using the ADAGUDANG application is entirely at the user's own risk and ADAGUDANG does not guarantee the User that the technology of the application provided is flawless. To the extent permitted by applicable law, ADAGUDANG is not responsible and the User agrees not to claim responsibility for any loss or damage that results directly or indirectly from:

o Prices and availability of Places for rent.

o Delays in delivery of goods.

o Losses caused by User's negligence in using the ADAGUDANG application.

o Quality and expiration date of the Goods.

o Tenant's Disputes with the Owner over the price and quality of the Goods.

o Damage to User and Owner hardware.

o Counterfeiting of Places offered by the Owner.

o More than x days after the warehouse lease expires (where x is the grace period determined by the warehouse owner), then the rental and stock data will be deleted from the warehouse data, the problem of remaining goods not taken and the handlers will be given full rights to the owner warehouse because the rental period has ended.

o Illegal goods which are not allowed to be distributed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia in force (narcotics, firearms, etc.).

Miscellaneous Provisions

o These Terms and Conditions apply and bind the User, and are governed in accordance with Indonesian Law. If there are violations of the provisions relating to part or all of the existing provisions, then this will be subject to the jurisdiction of the territory of Indonesia.

o These Terms and Conditions may be changed and / or updated from time to time without prior notice, therefore ADAGUDANG recommends that Users read carefully and check the Terms and Conditions Application page periodically to find out about any changes that occur. By continuing to access and use the ADAGUDANG application, the User is deemed to have agreed to changes in the Application Terms and Conditions.